installing software fine for me


Seems to work OK

The background is correct on Fedora Workstation 23 Alpha RC live images.

32-bit Alpha RC1 Server DVD boots correctly, installed properly and appears to work at runtime.

resolved installation issues on arm.

32-bit Alpha RC1 Server netinst boots fine, and kernel appears to work fine in general use.


the language bindings deps are included (bug 1243737 fixed), depcheck works, dnf works.


Bug filed: Red Hat Bugzilla – Bug 1247743

wincc: can you please file a bug and include Apache logs and journal contents (OC logs to the journal)? At this point I think we're better off in BZ than Bodhi. thanks.

@remi I have done that, --does not help Day - Week - Month buttons on the left and a spinning indicator on the right where the calendar should be. ???


@wincc I think the app is simply disabled (I had to re-enable it after the upgrade)