elad: well, I will still probably change this. I made the patch that fixes this respect the check_for_working_htaccess config variable because I thought we'd had it default to 0 in the Fedora packages for years, but in fact I only changed it a few months back, so older installs will all have it set to 1. So I'll probably just make the patch a bit more forceful, otherwise lots of people will hit this (you're the second so far).


Okay, sorry, my bad. I didn't properly merge config.php.rpmnew and my own config.php sorry for the noise!

Oh, it's not only a change in the htaccess, it's also this Very distro-unfreidnly in my opinion, but easy to work around


I'm getting ".htaccess file has the wrong version" when trying to start the "upgrade" on the web page after installing this update. Seems that upstream has added some stuff to their config file, and that they are actively checking everything is configured the way they want:


Found the images!