Firefox and Nautilus looks amazing

BZ#1754893 Review Request: materia-gtk-theme - Material Design theme for GNOME/GTK based desktop environments

As workaround you can install fresh python-construct 2.9 from COPR.

For Fedora 30 we need new python-construct >= 2.9. I'll open a ticket and ask maintainer for update.

There is a COPR repo with fresh libhandy for old Fedora releases. It solves issue with this non-working gfeeds.

All fine.

BZ#1750567 Review Request: gnome-hexgl - Gthree port of HexGL

@raveit65, hi.

Does this work with latest 390.116 legacy driver from rpmfusion

Unfortunately there i a high chance that it not even work on >= 435.17 driver and i can't even test this since i doesn't have at this moment proper laptop/hardware for this. I asked people in chat and forums for testing but no luck unfortunately. Most of them have NVIDIA GPU which uses this legacy 390 driver.

Hi, i stumbled about your copr repo today and found this new MATE package in fedora. Nice. Does this work with latest 390.116 legacy driver from rpmfusion? My laptop doesn't support actual nvidia driver. I would be very happy to test it, and add it to MATE comps group in fedora and Mate-Compiz spin for f31, if it works. Feel free to contact me mail ( or at irc freenode channel fedora-mate.

Weird. I filed a bug in upstream. Join to discuss this there and i hope we will fix it. :) But update is OK in general and works for me and i know at least two people who using Foliate every day.

@elxreno, yeah, thank you. Developer doesn't like to write changelogs. 😊


Not works. Need libhandy >= 0.0.11.


This package provides a GNOME Shell extension for showing the contents of ~/Desktop on the desktop of the Shell. Common file management operations such as launching, copy/paste, rename and deleting are supported.

You can use gnome-tweaks (additional package) or run in terminal:

gnome-shell-extension-tool -e gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons

Yep, but it happens on X session too.

@paulcarroty Yep. Need to report this into upstream. You using Wayland session probably?

Checked it again with Installed latest updates, the same story: