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@paulcarroty also if old and new version both crashes you shouldn't giving -1 karma.

Crashes if you open settings or select text, 1.5.2 also affected.

FYI: you need xorg-x11-server update for mate-optimus.

LGTM. Tested in VM.

BZ#1747811 Review Request: gnome-shell-extension-appindicator - AppIndicator/KStatusNotifierItem support for GNOME Shell
User Icon atim commented & provided feedback on 3 months ago

BTW i can't do anything with this update now. Can't unpush it or modify via Bodhi web-UI.

User Icon atim commented & provided feedback on 3 months ago

@jlanda :D Yeah, have no idea how this happens. I used my simple fedpkg update script as always, but this first time. But this time i used it for F31, F30, F29 and also for EPEL8. I think this happens when fedpkg update simultaneously tried to push into F29 and EPEL8.

User Icon jlanda commented & provided feedback on 3 months ago

No builds on the update and is breaking the compose



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Unversioned Obsoletes: compton is not allowed, you need to specify a reasonable maximum version to obsolete, in case compton becomes a thing again (either by merging compton-ng or by independent development).

You also need to provide evidence that the Obsoletes is agreed with the current maintainer of the compton package. This goes even for Rawhide! Either you both agree to retire the compton package in favor of compton-ng, or compton-ng cannot unilaterally Obsoletes: compton. Without consensus, even a versioned Obsoletes would still not be acceptable.

For this update, you also need to provide evidence that forcefully migrating users of the stable Fedora 30 release complies with the update policies for stable releases. Otherwise, even a versioned Obsoletes, and even if agreed for Rawhide, would still not be acceptable in this update.


BZ#1738293 Review Request: compton-ng - Compositor for X11, active fork

works as expected


works as expected