works for me

I suspect the line:

sed -i s/python/python3/g xml2po/xml2po/xml2po

is to blame. Might be worth trying a scratch build without or adding an anchor ($) to the end of the sed expression to avoid double 3s

Huh. I see that in koji, but I can't do a lot of troubleshooting as mock doesn't really for for EL-8 at the moment and I lack a system with that OS. Not quite sure where to go next.

I was looking through my history realized I rated this package by mistake.

Tested now. Fails to install as it requires /usr/bin/python33 where I suspect it wants /usr/bin/python3

Still important. Works for me.

BZ#1673419 compat-openssl10-devel is AWOL
BZ#1750525 [RFE] EPEL8 branch of gnome-doc-utils
BZ#1749429 atopacctd is not included in the rpm

Works for me. No regressions noted compared to previous version.


Works for me.

User Icon ozjd commented & provided feedback on fotoxx-19.16-1.fc30 a year ago

This update solves the reported issue with focal length reporting. It is running well

User Icon lnie commented & provided feedback on atop-2.4.0-3.fc30 a year ago

The bug is fixed

BZ#1746416 atop configuration using incorrect INTERVAL variable
User Icon ozjd commented & provided feedback on fotoxx-19.15-1.fc30 a year ago

Solves index issue, karma given


BZ#1738720 Please build python-easygui for EPEL 8

works as usual

BZ#1674143 youtube-dl missing python34-setuptools dependency
BZ#1718508 youtube-dl should Require setuptools
BZ#1724750 youtube-dl-2019.07.12 is available
BZ#1734541 WARNING: Unable to extract video title