BZ#1911810 freeciv-2.6.3 is available

no regressions noted


Generally works, but I cannot erase a label.


Generally works, but I wonder why I cannot erase the label with a rubber.


no regression noted

BZ#1904328 chkrootkit thinks /usr/bin/chsh is infected on Fedora 33
BZ#1909016 python-boto3-1.16.39 is available
BZ#1909017 python-botocore-1.19.39 is available

Once it has enough karma, yes.

Can we push please this and resolve: Problem: cannot install both python3-botocore-1.19.32-1.fc33.noarch and python3-botocore-1.19.25-1.fc33.noarch - package awscli-1.18.185-1.fc33.noarch requires python3.9dist(botocore) = 1.19.25, but none of the providers can be installed - cannot install the best update candidate for package python3-botocore-1.19.25-1.fc33.noarch - problem with installed package awscli-1.18.185-1.fc33.noarch


Installs and appears to facilitate proper functionality.

BZ#1906951 RFC: dietlibc for EPEL7

works for me

Updated my server, restarted it. I looked at the logs just as I restarted, no error and Fractal was able to connect, and i was able to discuss on a channel.

BZ#1796270 python-signedjson-1.1.1 is available
BZ#1840452 matrix-synapse-1.23.0 is available
BZ#1861208 python-canonicaljson-1.4.0 is available
BZ#1864122 matrix-synapse: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f33
BZ#1901509 CVE-2020-26890 matrix-synapse: DoS attack due to invalid JSON [fedora-all]

No regressions found

BZ#1900267 wesnoth-1.15.7 is available

Tested. Everything works fine.

Works for me. No regressions noted compared to previous version.