@czanik: the is no automatic. Actually, it's the other way around: you are allowed to push to stable after 14 days in testing, or if it reaches karma of 3.

BZ#1744698 [RFE] EPEL8 branch of lighttpd

It was in testing for 15 days. Isn't is supposed to be in EPEL already automagically after 14 days?

BZ#1756992 Please build hiredis for EPEL-8
BZ#1762561 Package hiredis for EPEL-8
BZ#1762597 syslog-ng was available under epel7 would be nice to have under epel8 again

Thanks, Fixing.-


nothing provides fedora-logos-httpd needed by lighttpd-1.4.54-2.el8.x86_64

BZ#1744698 [RFE] EPEL8 branch of lighttpd
BZ#1764852 deja-dup-40.2 is available

Sorry, the above comment was for FEdora 30

I guess it does not matter since this has been unpushed, however, I got the following when trying to run after install of 2.5

"Executable 'keepassxc' requires Qt 5.12.5, found Qt 5.12.4"

This update has been unpushed.

@atim thank you for your list of github issues. Yes I will jump 2.5.0 and we will see what will happen with 2.5.1

+1 for waiting for 2.5.1.

@germano sorry for noise. Emailed you. I did not reboot my PC for some time but after after reboot and re-enabling default Adwaita theme got better. Maybe something qgnomeplatform related. But still sux. UI translation strings broken (which works in previous version), new lines in notes broken, sometimes need to press few times some UI element until it works. Look how many UI and non-UI bugs in this new 2.5 version:

Maybe better to disable autopush and stick this new 2.5 version only in testing repos and wait for 2.5.1?

@atim please send me a screenshot through e-mail

@germano Why do you decide to unpush this update?

This update has been unpushed.


Good in KDE.