Apart from known AVC with pcscd, IPA tests in OpenQA passed.

Broke my freeipa install

This update broke FreeIPA installation -- in OpenQA and also in internal Red Hat tests:

According to the OpenQA runs, everything is green now for FreeIPA test scenarios.

Yeah, I was working on the same theory but our main test runner crashed before I could confirm it last night. I've added the F32 pki-base update to the 'workarounds' list for now and re-run the affected test for all affected updates, including this one, it's running or queued now.

Thanks to @cipherboy, we see that this is due to F32 beta freeze. So even though F32 pki update was created 11 days ago, it was already during the beta freeze period and it never was pushed to stable updates. The freeze period ended yesterday, thus pushing the update to stable. Now, 389-ds-base update was created before that happened, thus taking 'old' pki because that's the only set of packages available in F32.

We need to re-run tests on the 389-ds-base bodhi update.

Upgrade of a working domain controller failed in dogtag operations. @dmoluguw, @cipherboy, could you please investigate (look at 'Automated Tests' tab).

I am going to be doing a completely fresh build. We have found other regressions in These are all fixed now, so I'm just going to do a build. Thanks for testing the patches you applied though!!!

This wasn't pushed stable? It was obsoleted. For Rawhide I spotted some later fixes and backported those too...hopefully it should be OK.

I wasn't able to backport the patch because pagure wasn't letting anyone do anything over git (ssh). There are other regressions in this build.

I don't think this build should have been pushed to stable :-/

Install with standalone IPA master working fine.

Fixes the false-positive Referential Integrity Plugin issues with the DS healtcheck integration into freeipa-healthcheck.

@adamwill @mreynolds could you backport patch at least to rawhide? This bodhi update is obsoleted and thus cannot create issues in f31 updates-testing. But rawhide is more critical.

Yeah I just fixed it, doesn't look like this commit was even manually tested, errrr! Anyway need to do new builds now...

ah, no, it's just a straight-up error. src/lib389/lib389/instance/ added some uses of ensure_list_str, but neglected to import it from lib389.utils, where it's defined.

According to openQA, this breaks FreeIPA server deployment, with error name 'ensure_list_str' is not defined. Perhaps it needs some other bit to be updated alongside it.