No regressions found

Works great! LGTM! =)

BZ#1562594 Unbound 1.7.0 crashes with a buffer overflow
BZ#1633874 Request to incorporate fix for forwarding without ipv6 connectivity
BZ#1634736 Crash in libsoup get while getting
BZ#1637387 Cannot install gnutls-dane in rawhide
BZ#1637771 unbound-libs-1.8.1-1.fc29(updates-testing) removes several packages

Thank you! I think it requires only karma again

@nmav I cannot edit it right also. I am afraid we have to wait until it is moved into testing only to remove it again and wait for it pending. Is is possible @tmraz could edit it sooner as he edited it last?

The build is finished, so if you can edit this update please do!

@besser82 the build is finished, not yet added to update because it is pending

@nmav yes, they are. I bumped it and started the build

@nmav let me know when the build is finished, so I can untag the overrides again.

@nmav gnutls and unbound overrides should be active until tomorrow. Please run koji wait-repo f29-build --build=gnutls-3.6.4-2.fc29 && koji wait-repo f29-build --build=unbound-1.8.1-1.fc29 to check them before running the rebuild.

@pemensik are the right buildroot overrides in place to start a rebuild?

I've added the asterisk. If @jsmith wants to add some asterisk bugs to the update, please let me know.

@jsmith asterisk-16.0.0-1.fc29 already depends on this, it is sufficient to only add it here.

@nmav Unfortunately gnutls-dane-3.6.4-3 was not built with unbound override in place, so it depends on current unbound 1.7.3. It must not be part of this update. I think new build would have to be done again anyway for this update.

@jsmith If I push this update, asterisk would have broken dependencies and could not be updated in F29. Is that acceptable to you? I am blocking gnutls updates here, which is important. I am also blocking openvswitch update, but fortunately is has no karma to move on.

The thing is, I lack rights to add asterisk here. You should be able to do that as a proven packager or give me commit rights to asterisk please. Alternative is to have broken asterisk for some time.

Or push this to stable so that the other build can move on

Petr could you replace the gnutls build with the one in FEDORA-2018-4a56319e68 ?

I'm fine with the Asterisk package going live... it's an LTS release, which should be just fine.

Works fine