@rathann: I'm pretty sure I never installed it except as the package mozilla-https-everywhere, so it must be compatible with FF56. Addons shows Version 2017.11.21 (corresponding to the Fedora package), enabled (and not "LEGACY"). No big deal. I'm using mozilla-noscript-5.1.4-1.fc27.noarch.rpm for now.

@robatino I'm not doing anything different than mozilla-https-everywhere package, so either the WebExtension version is somehow compatible with FF56 or you have a local copy of the add-on in your home directory.

@robatino, no, the XUL version is installed in SeaMonkey-specific folder. Firefox will "see" only the WebExtension version, so this works only with FF57+.

Is this supposed to work with Firefox 56? It does not (though the latest version of mozilla-https-everywhere does). Under Addons it shows Version which is disabled (instead of Version

works for me

Yes, #1508827 looks like the actual problem. Here is a +1 to undo my previous -1.

BZ#1510683 mozilla-noscript-5.1.7 is available

That's not a bug in NoScript, that's a bug in Firefox and no reason to block this update. It looks like a case of bug #1508827 which I reported some time ago.

After upgrading to mozilla-noscript-5.1.7-1.fc25 from mozilla-noscript-5.1.1-1.fc25, Firefox 56 requires removal (while Firefox is not running) of the ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/*/startupCache directory before it will enable NoScript.

BZ#1510683 mozilla-noscript-5.1.7 is available


works for me

On there's now a 10.1.2 with a few features added. (BTW, I don't suppose you'd be willing to do a one-time build for mozilla-adblockplus? I filed since it hasn't been updated to WebExtension yet. It seems that the current assignee is no longer active. Ivan Romanov attached a working .spec file.)


muxing and playback of muxed files working fine

@mastaiza This is what upstream released. The release notes above say, for example, that ClearClick and ABE are not yet implemented. That's not a reason to give -1 karma. Older version doesn't work with FF57 at all, so I'm not going to unpush this update just because some features are missing. It's better to have some features than none at all.

missing settings

@emarci Yes, thanks for the reminder.

Confirm, seems to work.

Just a little reminder, for next week: next Tuesday is the big release of Firefox 57, in which only WebExtensions-Addons will run. NoScript is currently no such Addon and thus is incompatible with Firefox 56 and below. But there will be a compatible NoScript release on the exact same date as Firefox 57 is released. So it would be really nice when Firefox 57 and the new compatible NoScript version will get pushed together to Fedora to ensure a seamless update procedure.

I assume this release requires Firefox <= 56, so that users who have it installed only get updated when the new NoScript version is in stable repo?

BZ#1504408 mozilla-noscript-5.1.4 is available

Seems to work okay in casual use for the past few days (though I've only been using noscript for about 2 weeks so I'm not the best tester).

BZ#1504408 mozilla-noscript-5.1.4 is available

Looks good to me.


works fine

BZ#1491072 mozilla-noscript-5.1.1 is available