Since multiple people have reported serious problems with this, I've unpushed it to ensure no-one else hits those problems till we know what's going on.

This update has been unpushed.


A couple of openQA tests seem to be failing consistently on this update. The tests that fail are tests of Workstation live images built with this update included: we boot the live image and try to install from it and boot the installed system, the two tests are the same but one is UEFI and one BIOS.

What seems to be happening is that there's no window manager running in the booted live session. We get the 'Welcome' window with no chrome, then when the test clicks on the button to launch anaconda, we get it in a window about a quarter the size of the screen, at top left, also with no chrome, like this:

in the background you can see the 'GNOME didn't manage to start properly' screen. So this is clearly throwing off GNOME startup somehow.

I'll grab the live image that was built and throw it up somewhere for manual testing. @mcatanzaro for info

@clime it requires "python(abi) = 3.6", which does the same job. that is all autogenerated by the packaging system.



BZ#1826286 "reset all" doesn't work in blivet partitioning

we're shipping RC 1.6. openQA UEFI tests all passed.

BZ#1826864 libefivar fails to parse the emmc path if just a disk is specified, breaking anaconda bootloader install on eMMC-s

We verified the fix here.

BZ#1826370 Blivet cannot resize the logical volume already present on the device.

This update has been unpushed.

OK, so there's an update for 5.6.6:


can folks please test that ASAP and report any issues they find? Thanks!

@vedranm yup, indeed. thanks for the catch. we will probably pull 5.6.6 into the new RC compose.

it's not new, it was in all previous versions of this update. The image file itself has not changed across all of this fun, only the packaging bits around it. That pink spot has been there ever since 32.1.1.

It isn't, no. RC 4 got 32.1.2-1.fc32.1, which 'corrected' the Supplements to Recommends, causing the animated packages to be pulled into the Workstation and MATE images...and that actually made the Workstation image go oversize. So we will do an RC 5 with 32.1.2-2.fc32, which drops the Recommends so there just aren't any soft deps at all any more; this will mean the images don't get the -animated packages any more, and Workstation should be under its size limit. I'm just rounding up other fixes needed for RC 5 before we run it.

yep, I see no regressions here, and the bug is fixed. We found some new bugs in testing, but nothing caused by this update.

BZ#1824418 Rescue Mode doesn't recognize LVM -Partitions

@vedranm is that reproducible? do you have any logs?

OK, I've edited this update to the 32.1.2-1.fc32.1 build, which AFAICS fixes the Recommends but doesn't change much else. 32.1.2 seems identical to 32.1.1 upstream, not sure what's going on with that.

@luya please do not change the build in the update again, as I am going to pull this build into RC 4 and we then must keep it at the same version unless we respin again and change it. If we ship RC 4, we must push the exact version of every package it contains stable, so if an update is edited to include a different build in the meantime, that gives us a problem. Thanks!

I'm yanking this because it turns out to have a major bug in load_templates. I'll submit a new update in a bit with a fix for that.

I'm voting -1 on this because the 'Supplements' dependencies are clearly incorrect, as discussed in bug. I think that should be fixed before this goes out.

It does here too, and I'm pretty sure that's a good test! Also, looks like #1821480 is fixed to me.

BZ#1821480 Firefox has missing AppStream metadata in fedora.xml.gz
BZ#1823773 Update appstream-data after final freeze
BZ#1823011 It's not possible to configure network devices in TUI
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