change looks reasonable.

BZ#1734184 python3-jmespath conflicts with but does not obsolete python2-jmespath

openQA tests show g-i-s still running as expected, so that seems good.

Eyeballed the change, LGTM.

BZ#1750414 inaccessible workstation repos make gnome-software and dnf unusable

Eyeballed the changes, they look fine.

BZ#1644813 Provide an Obsoletes for fedmsg-notify
BZ#1747428 Obsolete Gegl
BZ#1747430 Obsolete gcompris
BZ#1747436 lots of python2 packages should be obsoleted

openQA tests pass this time, thanks :)

BZ#1749586 Entries on logs screen seem to be missing some styling in Cockpit 202

openQA tests pass this time, thanks :)

BZ#1749586 Entries on logs screen seem to be missing some styling in Cockpit 202

Does seem to solve the installability problem at least.

BZ#1747415 mu cannot be installed: nothing provides python3.7dist(matplotlib) < 3.1 needed by mu-1.0.2-3.fc31

openQA tests passed, meaning we can at least install, update and remove packages with this RPM, and create working installer and live images too.

BZ#1718430 RPM 4.15

openQA tests look good.


Same problem as the F30 update with the Logs screen.


The Logs screen looks wrong in this build (it causes the openQA test to fail):

it seems, like, basically unstyled - all the info is there but each element is on a separate line and is black. In other builds from 198 onwards, that screen looks like - the elements for each log entry are on one line, and have more styling applied to them.

openQA test results are good, and looks OK on my desktop after a little bit of use.

BZ#1748463 GNOME 3.33.92 megaupdate should go in beta

openQA results look good :) the failures are not related to this update.

BZ#1746563 g-i-s fails to run after Workstation and Silverblue installs, even with SELinux permissive or disabled

Looks good, does cause the new background to appear on Workstation at least. We may need a KDE package update too to fix KDE, I think.

BZ#1744266 Fedora 31 still using Fedora 30 backgrounds
BZ#1745846 Review Request: f31-backgrounds - Fedora 31 default desktop background

This does seem to solve the tty switching issue, indeed.

BZ#1748401 systemd: need freeze exception for F31 beta

Tests passed, and we need this for f29->rawhide upgrade tests to work in openqa...

BZ#1743196 Include F32 GPG keys in older fedora-releases

Note this still depends on moksha, which is itself on the chopping block and no-one seems to be fixing it.

I forced the openQA universal tests to run on the installer built from this update: . There are some failures, but they're all unrelated to this update, and both the tests that were having trouble before (no_swap and software_raid) passed. So this looks good.

BZ#1743753 blivet.errors.FormatCreateError: (FSError('format failed: 1'), '/dev/mapper/fedora_vm54-00')

openQA tests are failing because the new libldb is not in the repos yet, but it is definitely tagged f31, so this is correct.

BZ#1746163 SSSD needs to be updated to work with libldb 2.0.5

passes the openqa tests this time, yay. thanks!