gedit plugin works (bit janky, but does what it's meant to)

jesus, let's get this thing out already

BZ#1264051 selinux-policy-targeted-3.13.1-128.13.fc22 breaks systemctl, and prevents reboot

Looks fine in TC1 openQA testing.


We built Final TC1 with this and it seems fine, upgrade.img files are indeed gone from the tree. The Urdu thing looks fixed too (also the installer has RTL support?!)

BZ#1004717 Some characters are displayed as boxes in Urdu on the first page of the installation
BZ#1245838 Upgrade to F23 crashes early in upgrade boot

thanks, on it.

I'm gonna say this works well enough to go out at least. There's some questions about whether it should do --best --distro-sync-like behaviour by default, but for now I've covered that in the wiki page.

darn newkarma.

Looks to be working well in openQA tests so far.

BZ#1260799 pyanaconda.bootloader.BootLoaderError: failed to set new efi boot target. This is most likely a kernel or firmware bug.
BZ#1260875 Cannot log in as root after install of recent Fedora 23 images

ah, that's the bug pnemade reported. Well, I confirm it. :P

On F23 the default DNF is python3, not python2, but installing dnf-plugin-system-upgrade installs python2-dnf-plugin-system-upgrade, not python3-dnf-plugin-system-upgrade. So if you just do dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade then try dnf system-upgrade it says the command doesn't exist; you have to run dnf-2 system-upgrade or do dnf install python3-dnf-plugin-system-upgrade...

@wwoods for the specific case of a system upgrade, though, it may be worth considering whether --best should be the default, I think.

This seems to work OK in basic testing; 22 to 23 and 22 to Rawhide(!) upgrades work from both minimal and Workstation fresh installs.


Well, TC4 built and more or less works (at least lorax isn't to blame for any of its problems).

BZ#1250260 anaconda does not use official 'default' console font eurlatgr

Also, it's download, not downloadable...

For the record, it looks like this is causing #1260875 , the 'can't login as root after install' bug. Unfortunately that didn't appear in live image tests, hence all the positive karma.

Looks fine in a quick test, built an f23 live image with the update included, no dep issues or functionality problems.

I think this update should be marked as fixing #1247622 .

This works OK in a quick live image test. I tried to build a boot.iso to run openQA tests on, but couldn't get it to fly with pungi 4.

Whoops - just realized mwclient didn't actually have an EPEL 7 branch so I have no EPEL 7 mwclient build to push. Revoking this request and requesting an EPEL 7 mwclient branch first.

I'm pushing mwclient at the same time. Sorry for not grouping them.

'cannot replace active format' doesn't seem to be entirely fixed, but a default install to a clean disk using an updated live image works.

BZ#1252052 blivet.errors.DeviceError: ('cannot replace active format', 'fedora_dhcp45-root')