works fine here too.


fix confirmed in a test image.

TC3's looking pretty good in my testing so far. unicode issues seem fixed.


fix confirmed in TC3, thanks.


4.2.2 looks fine in a quick check. let's get this pushed!

elad: well, I will still probably change this. I made the patch that fixes this respect the check_for_working_htaccess config variable because I thought we'd had it default to 0 in the Fedora packages for years, but in fact I only changed it a few months back, so older installs will all have it set to 1. So I'll probably just make the patch a bit more forceful, otherwise lots of people will hit this (you're the second so far).


Looks to be working fine on


confirmed the bug fix in Final TC1.

solves the problems the previous update had with sometimes returning messed-up data.

cairo: how did you test this? we have not built an installer image that contains it.


looks good in a test here.


fix looks good here, thanks!

can't verify the hybrid fix, but doesn't seem to be causing any regressions in testing on unaffected systems.

Looks good with a test image, will confirm with RC2.


worked OK for me in RC1 testing.

this certainly made resizing work. There was fallout from that change - - but it's not cloud-utils' fault and shouldn't hold up this update.

looks good in RC1 testing so far, firmware RAID fixes confirmed.


fedup fix confirmed with TC8, seems to work fine in all other respects.

TC7/TC8 testing looks to be OK, we don't seem to have found any major showstoppers in this.

so far TC6 (with this build) is basically doing well, certainly no worse than previous builds.