reproduced #1134348, confirmed fix in -9.


giving this an eyeball +1: I installed it on my f21 box and unsurprisingly it didn't break the existing repos, plus the necessary new ones for anaconda look good by eyeball.

'getcert list' at least is fine.

packages with dependencies should be submitted as updates together in a single update, not separately, or else this is very likely to happen.


looks OK in a live image smoke test, though we need that version separator patch I sent in today for TC7 I think.

looks good in testing with a custom live image.


correction: in fact 1.12.0-7 did not suffer from . Therefore that bug is a regression in this update, voting -1.

basically works OK in TC6 testing


working here.


client looks good here.

the 'fix' for the SELinux issue breaks other things that need to access the tun file:

update from 0:0.7.1-3.fc21 to 0:0.8.0-1.fc21 fails with "Error: openlmi conflicts with openlmi-storage-0.8.0-1.fc21.noarch" openlmi package has an explicit conflict with openlmi-storage >= 0.8 . If this conflict is incorrect, you need to submit an update containing both openlmi-storage and an openlmi package that drops the conflict (you could add a fixed openlmi package to this update).

Fails to start on upgrade from in a FreeIPA deployment. (fallout from )


works OK for me - note, suffers from , but so did the previous stable package so this update doesn't make it worse.

tested with TC6, works fine and provides the new background.

this isn't any worse than previous 6.x packages I believe - I'm currently working on getting OC 7 out to Fedora 20, then I'll evaluate the situation WRT 7 for F19 and 6 for EL6...

Note that this update changes the location of symfony from /usr/share/pear/Symfony to /usr/share/php/Symfony , without much notification by the looks of things. This broke Owncloud - - and may have broken other things. I'm fixing up Owncloud now.

Can you please edit these updates with my -2 builds? They add a patch which makes the .swf removal more elegant.