I am unpushing this for now because we need to push 1.7-18 (exactly) stable as it was included in the F30 Final compose. We must freeze the stable repos containing exactly the same content that was in the compose. This can be pushed again after 1.7-18 is pushed stable.

@goodmirek that bug is filed against F29, this is an F30 update. There hasn't been an F29 build with the fix for 1701096 yet, AFAICS.

I'm gonna -1 this on the understanding that it suffers from and so should not be pushed stable.

@lruzicka @aperezbios can you confirm whether you tested with 0.113-1 or 0.113-2? Thanks!

It seems to work OK here? I tried to do the same as @lruzicka:

  1. Start from up-to-date stable F30 Workstation
  2. Install Sugar desktop env group from stable (112), verify I can log in, log out back to GNOME
  3. Update all packages from this update (113-2)
  4. Log back into Sugar

That worked fine here, it did not fail, I am sitting at the Sugar 'desktop' right now, with the packages from this update.

Fix confirmed here also.

BZ#1693409 gdm/X start fails on 'nomodeset' UEFI boot on multiple bare metal systems: "Cannot run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs for all framebuffer devices"

@atim updating from a GUI terminal is never a good idea =) Use a tty and/or tmux or screen.

Well, now we get to rebuild absolutely anything that was built with this :(

This does appear to fix the iscsi issue and works otherwise.

BZ#1666920 iSCSI installs fail to boot since systemd-240 (Fedora-Rawhide-20181222.n.1)
Test Case Services start

This one looks good.

Yes, you're right. Changing karma.

g-i-s crash seems to be caused by an SELinux denial. But still, we shouldn't push this update without a fix for it.

Looks like gnome-initial-setup may be broken with this, according to openQA:

After install of a live image built with this update, the installed system just boots to an empty desktop where g-i-s should be appearing, but isn't. Will debug this further soon.

openQA tests pass (aside from an unrelated known issue).

Looking into it, I believe there is a genuine mistake in this update which causes the denials @bluepencil and @mattf are seeing. More details in . Thus, voting -1.

openQA tests look good aside from unrelated issues, so +1ing.

@bluepencil is that a new problem that wasn't happening before this update?

openQA tests passed (except for a known failure unrelated to this update).


openQA tests passed aside from known issues unrelated to this update, and upgrade test did not hit the bug, so this looks good.

BZ#1674045 Upgrade from F29 to Rawhide (F30) hangs at end, showing "Upgrade complete! Cleaning up and rebooting..."

The fix for the further issue @pwhalen saw is in anaconda, not in initial-setup; so I think we should push this, as it is still required to fix the initial bug and there is nothing wrong on this update's side AFAIK.

BZ#1695967 initial-setup crashes with "ImportError: cannot import name 'setup_ifcfg_log' from ''" (function was removed from anaconda)