Relevant openQA tests passed.

I tweaked openQA to run the replica tests on updates, and those passed on the current version of the update, so this looks good for sure.

BZ#1696963 Failed to install replica

This update actually seems to have prevented systemd-modules-load.service from loading correctly; the openQA tests of the update show this, and since this update was pushed stable, that test is failing for all Fedora 30 updates tests :( Will file a bug. Sorry I didn't catch this while it was in testing, too many fires to fight lately.


hmm, yes, perhaps we should run the replica tests on updates too...

anyhow, the existing openQA tests passed on the edited update again, so +1ing again.

BZ#1695297 Upgrading a FreeIPA server from F29 to F30 broke with 389-ds-base-

Well, one thing I suppose - the spec file removes it on F29 too, but oprofile still exists there. It was only retired on F30+...

Eyeballed spec file, changes look good.


openQA tests indicate this works well and fixes the upgrade issue, thanks.

BZ#1695297 Upgrading a FreeIPA server from F29 to F30 broke with 389-ds-base-

Unfortunately just too late, but this should not have gone stable. It breaks initial-setup, which is a release blocking bug.

@lslebodn the bug affects upgrades from F29 to F30 for a system deployed as a FreeIPA server. It appears 100% reproducible, the test is failing every time in openQA now, whereas before this update it was passing every time.

This broke FreeIPA...openQA tests caught it but I didn't notice it in time to prevent the update going stable :(

Investigating the failure now.


Tested with Beta-1.8. After installing direct from the Workstation live image and not installing any updates, I can successfully run a Boxes VM booting from the same image just fine. Looks good to me.


Update removes Firefox's title bar under GNOME, it seems, which is a bit disorienting but I guess intended? Other than that, works fine, and indeed X11 backend is now default again.

BZ#1691852 Revert to X11 backend for Fedora 30

@rdieter I think we should consider unpushing this update, as updates-testing is enabled by default on Branched. That means anyone who installs the KDE Beta (once we ship it) would get this installed on their first update, and no longer be able to log into the system.

Note Beta-1.4 compose was successful and its ppc64le images built and seem to work.

openQA results show that this works.

BZ#1674281 Fonts are not rendering for SVG files used as banners at the bottom of the installer

all openQA tests passed...

openQA tests pass, so this looks OK.

I realize I'm sorta marking my own work here, but with the f30-backgrounds change together with the kde-settings change, I do get the new default background in a KDE VM.

BZ#1688925 Need kde-settings-30 and fixed f30-backgrounds-kde with appropriate settings for F30, including desktop background

kde-settings changes are fine, but do not actually fix the KDE default background themselves - the metadata.desktop file shipped in f30-backgrounds-kde was not updated and this breaks things. I will fix that and add the fixed build to this update.