openQA tests passed, so that looks like this works fine.


The fact that it passed openQA tests means this at least does not break x86_64 live or netinst builds. I can't really test the ppc64le fix here, but let's get it merged and see.

Test Case lorax netinst

I don't understand why this system of release-specific overrides which point to a release-specific background file is necessary. Shouldn't '/usr/share/backgrounds/default.xml', as in the mate-rhel.gschema.override file, work just fine so long as we make sure the right backgrounds packages are installed?

Passed openQA tests, and seems to be fine for me so far in regular use.

BZ#1687549 Include GNOME 3.32.0 in Fedora 30 Beta

This works.


It's installable and it runs (in GNOME at least).

BZ#1674809 digikam: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f30

This does indeed seem installable without conmon, which is the main issue here. No idea if it works, but it's better than before. :)

BZ#1686636 podman cannot be installed due to dependency on conmon (subpackage of retired / moved to module cri-o)

openQA tests passed, works OK in my own system.


openQA tests passed and it works fine in my own system.

openQA installer build and install tests passed, so this looks good.

Color fix confirmed by openQA testing, all tests now pass. I'm just going to install this on my system and check it there before +1ing.

openQA tests passed.

The test failures here are caused by an epoch issue (the first Fedora 30 Branched compose has a ceph build with epoch 2; the package's epoch was subsequently dropped to 1, which is not valid, so this build is not considered an update to the package currently in Fedora 30 stable and does not install during the tests, which openQA correctly flags as a failure). The epoch must be bumped back to 2. I am running a build with the epoch bumped back to 2 at present and will edit the update when it's done.

We've confirmed the color issue is a real thing, @kalev and co are looking into it now. We should not push this till it's fixed. See .

@kalev the anaconda colors still seem to be wrong even with the new mutter: . That's definitely from the re-run with the updated mutter, I checked the logs and it definitely made it into the live image.

Update also runs into this mutter issue which causes the installer test fails in openQA (the color errors cause openQA matches to fail).

openQA tests look good, approving.

BZ#1685645 30 and Rawhide composes fail due to anaconda-core unexpectedly and incorrectly depending on blivetgui

The openQA test failures here are caused by the updated gnome-boxes not being installed when it should be. It's not being installed because of a dependency issue involving libosinfo. The problem is that a new libosinfo in in the f30 tag (and hence the buildroot, and so gnome-boxes was built against it) but has not been in a successful compose, so it is not in the F30 repositories for the openQA test to find.

Updates are tested as, and should be, independent units. Any update in updates-testing might be pushed to stable at any time; it should always be in a state where doing so would not cause problems.

This update should not have been created independently while that other update was still in testing. Either the new bind build from this update should have been edited into that update, or this update should not have been submitted before that one was pushed stable.


OK, so yes, there is a problem. This build comes with soname bumps. It provides ,, and The current stable build - bind-9.11.4-13.P2.fc28 - provides,, and This update breaks the deps of anything built against bind - including dhcp-client - and it should not go out as-is. The soname bumps should be avoided for a stable release update if at all possible, if not possible, all dependent packages must be rebuilt and included in the update.

BZ#1679925 CVE-2018-5744 CVE-2018-5745 CVE-2019-6465 bind: various flaws [fedora-all]