sudo stap mbrwatch.stp
worked on x86_64 with the new kernel.

BZ#1694039 systemtap 4.0 incompatible with rebased 5.0 kernel

I got similar error like in , I just updated to -44 from testing and my old services working as before.

I have updated the original image (dnf update -y, updates-testing was enabled), then created snapshot (root dev was 3G as in the original image, disk size in the flavor was 0 (no-resize), nova image-create), booted a VM based on the snapshot with bigger root dev (20G) and it worked.

BZ#1327337[WARNING]: Failed: growpart /dev/vda 1

openstack seams to be operational.

BZ#1323610 Broken since 3.6.1
BZ#1324488 rabbitmq-server unable to start due to /usr/lib/rabbitmq/bin/ being missing in 3.6.1-1

on x86_64 unbound-control-setup succeeded, and dig @localhost also worked.

BZ#1294339 unbound-control-setup fails due to mistakenly escaping shell chars

We still not have any >=10.0.14 mariadb in stable. 10.0.14 is not stable!. I would like to see a fix for #1167424 in stable ASAP.