I have started a thread on the epel-devel mailing list:

I hope to get some replies that could gives us some direction.


This package is not installable.

Ok, this is where CentOS is just repackaging RHEL, so really this is a RHEL bug.

This is not a RHEL bug, you are trying to create the same package with a newer version number.

The cmake vs cmake3 split made sense in EPEL 7 where the base repos had CMake 2 and the EPEL repos had CMake 3. This does not make sense anymore, since the cmake package in the base repos already is version 3.

How does it make sense for there to be "cmake" and "cmake3" packages at the same time, when both are version 3?

The only right move here would be to create a module that contains the "cmake" package, but overrides the base version. This is exactly the situation that modules should be good for.

BZ#1756974 Please package a newer version of CMake (currently 3.15) into EPEL 8
BZ#1799312 Please update Qwt to 6.1.4

Package installs and works correctly on CentOS 8.

Thanks for packaging!

BZ#1751172 Request to package Qwt for EPEL 8

Not good at all! Broke system login with user accounts, root account and even emergency shell login. Had to add selinux=0 as a kernel parameter at boot to get into my system.


Fixes latex compilation with biber

BZ#1773172 Update biber to work with the latest texlive update

Works for me as expected on CentOS 8

BZ#1744975 Please build ansible for EPEL 8

Requires package kernel-abi-whitelists to function with akmod-nvidia. Once that is installed, the build succeeds.


This works for me, thanks for your efforts!


Fixes Win7 boot issue for me, normal booting works as well, no regressions found.

BZ#1347291 Booting from Windows 10 entry ends with 'relocation failed' error