Works for me.

BZ#1718622 Red Hat subscription showing during installation process


BZ#1699280 Fedora 30 beta install fails with Error in <unknown> scriptlet in rpm package breeze-icon-theme
BZ#1657013 Konsole Crashes When Logging Out All Tabs in a Window Using "Copy Input To" Feature

Working perfectly, without any issue.

Works fine for me.

Works for me, no regressions noted.

Works for me. Without regressions noted.

Works fine for me, in all of my Fedora 29 systems.


Works for me

BZ#1614948 qemu-system-ppc64: No Transactional Memory support in TCG, try cap-htm=off
BZ#1620590 Backport 'Handle 64 B USB packets' to f28
BZ#1624539 qemu-2.11.2-3.fc28 on ppc64le exits with error creating device tree



Works as expected

BZ#1613036 Review Request: oshinko-cli - Command line interface for spark cluster management app

Works fine, no regression noted.

Works as expected, with Firefox and Google Chrome.

Fixed with requires qqc2-desktop-style. I recommend, if possible, include the breeze-gtk package as required. Overall, working as expected.

Works fine. I've been using this a couple days, no issues so far.