Works fine in normal usage, no regressions noted

Works OK in normal usage

Seems to work Ok in normal usage: new sources, scratch builds etc.

Works well. Thanks!

BZ#1775773 qutebrowser-1.10.0 is available

Works, but there are one or two regressions here that seem to be fixed in 1.10.1 which I see has just been freshly built for F31. :)

BZ#1775773 qutebrowser-1.10.0 is available

Works here! Thanks very much!

Just a note that python-fslpy currently has an autogenerated Requires on rtree==0.8.3, so if users have that installed, they will not be able to install this update. We're in conversation with fslpy upstream to update their requirements to the newest rtree here:

BZ#1773172 Update biber to work with the latest texlive update

Thanks very much @zdohnal. does not happen with this build now.

Not sure if this is related to this update, but spellcheck now seems weird. Filed this bug:

BZ#1758873 Regression: X selection buffers are not available to Qt applications
BZ#1760254 Night light broke with 3.34.1

It does seem to be a server side error. Using a different client ( also gives the same behaviour. I'll get in touch with the server folks and see what can be done. It's got to be a weird edge case with parsing the spec I reckon.

Thanks, I'll look at it this evening.

@alciregi: that's because dnf blocks while waiting for input if it hasn't been used before and imported gpg keys etc. I guess I could do -y to work around it, but I'm a bit wary of using -y.

Let me take a look at it first---we need to have some idea of why this particular file fails.

@vascom, could you please e-mail me the file at ankursinha AT fp.o so I can run some tests?

Hrm, so:

$ fpaste -l rpmspec < python-nibabel.spec 
Uploading (6.6KiB)...

Works fine.

$ cat python-nibabel.spec | fpaste -l rpmspec
Uploading (6.6KiB)...

Also works.

$ fpaste python-nibabel.spec 
Uploading (6.6KiB)...

Also works.

Is your spec file correct?

Thanks---I'd filed a few bugs upstream and the fixes have landed in 2.0.0 now. I'm Just building and pushing that now. It should obsolete these beta updates.

This will need some investigation. Could you please file a bug? I'll send it upstream and see what they have to say too.

Thanks very much.

Sure, I've unpushed this one. Thanks very much!

Please let me know if I can do anything else to help with this.