Does freeipa require a fixed Samba version? Do we always need to rebuild freeipa, it is totally unclear why this would need rebuilding as changes between the rc and final are code fixes and not ABI or API changes.

Works fine.

BZ#2110064 ffmpeg-5.1 is available
BZ#2121070 Update to ffmpeg 5.1 for compatibility with third-party repositories

works great!


GNUTLS_FORCE_FIPS_MODE=1 certtool works again

BZ#2099651 After updating nettle gnutls_certificate_allocate_credentials fails

Please open a bug report and if possible instruction how to reproduce this! :-)

Provide a minimal neovim config. Which terminal you use and if there are any special settings etc.

BZ#2078230 Missing VA-API encode support for VP8 and VP9
BZ#2073980 ffmpeg crashes when muxing H.264 video and AAC audio stream into MP4 container
User Icon asn commented & provided feedback on mold-1.1-1.fc35 8 months ago


BZ#2058668 mold has broken dependency on libmimalloc
User Icon asn commented & provided feedback on SDL2-2.0.18-5.fc35 9 months ago

Works again

This will need a bit more work in neovim.

This update has been unpushed.


Looks fine!

BZ#2030382 samba-4.15.3 is available

I will take care of the other packages.