Just reinstalled a F33 box, so my use of Geary includes account setups. So far, everything is working (except for an account setup bug that I have already reported - not yet addressed).


works for me, no regression noted on T440s all Intel.


works for me, no regression noted (t440s, all Intel)


Running the Koji build for a few hours now. No regression noted.

No regression noted (running for a few hours only, in a VBox VM). Passed default regression test.


@dwalsh, @santiago pointless to push this to testing if the podman dependency is not met.


I am seeing this error during dnf update:

Error: Transaction test error:
  file /usr/share/man/man5/containers-mounts.conf.5.gz from install of containers-common-1:1.2.0-8.fc33.x86_64 conflicts with file from package podman-2:2.1.1-12.fc33.x86_64

Works fine for me on my T440s, no regression noted. Passed default regression test.

works for me! this plugin provides the migration assistant. thanks!

maybe create a second .desktop file that says "Flameshot GUI" (no tray version)

It already has desktop actions: Yeah, but desktop actions are not well known and not so intuitive. My personal opition is that when you standard-click an application in Gnome it has to show up.

I am glad flameshot is working under wayland now! Thanks for the packaging effort!!

Ask Gnome developers why they decided to remove tray support. If you treat this as a bug, it should be filled to Gnome >Shell, not Flameshot. This discussion was intensively held three or four years ago. The decision was to remove the tray - nothing we need to question here.

The solutions I see:

  • package the extension and include it as dependency of flameshot, or
  • start it with flameshot gui, which works perfectly fine
  • maybe create a second .desktop file that says "Flameshot GUI" (no tray version)

I don't think it can be an option to package a software that does not even start on Fedora's default DE...


Any way, this is a bug. We can't ship software that doesn't work out of the box.

Legacy Tray support? I thought that has been removed long time ago. Maybe there is a way to bring it back with some sort of extension.

So, if additional software is required to run flameshot as is, it should be a dependency.

excerpt from my flameshot.desktop file from /usr/share/applications:


Is the EXEC supposed to be flameshot gui

This is what I get in the journal:

flameshot[8320]: QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread
systemd[7227]: app-gnome-flameshot-8320.scope: Succeeded.

Not exactly sure what karma to give. The app works just fine when started from CLI using flameshot gui. However, when launching from the starter icon within Gnome nothing happens, nothing appear.


working fine on Lenovo T440s. No regression noted. Passed default regression test.