no regression noted with this updates crda package. fixes bz#1594902

no regression noted on my TP 440s. Passed default regression test.


this package throws a bunch of SELinux errors on my T440s - I will have to provide negative karma.


no regression noted so far (T440s).

works for me, no regression noted, though not tested for any efail bugs mentioned here.

2018-05-16 Efail Vulnerability Affects Encrypted Mails

Recently, a severe vulnerability called "Efail" was detected that affects Thunderbird with S/MIME and Enigmail. The vulnerability is such that you could reveal decrypted message data to a malicious third party by just reading an email, without noticing it.

We have implemented several fixes to avoid this from happening. However, Thunderbird is still vulnerable today. We therefore recommend that you:

update to Enigmail 2.0.4 as soon as possible.

view messages as "Simple HTML". This will block sending anything unintentionally to an external server. To switch to the "Simple HTML" view, go to menu View > Message Body As > Simple HTML

works for me


Works, however I could not test whether it protects against the CVE.

You better remove this build from updates-testing. Right now a lot of people want to update dhcp-client and if they add a --enablerepo=updates-testing to their dnf command thinking they want the latest version, they actually get an older one (the latest that fixes the flaw has been pushed to stable already)

works for me - no regression noted.

@jag why do you care about kernel packages for F26 when you are preparing for an upgrade to F28? How is Slackware working out for you?


works for me. no regression noted.


wfm - no regression noted.

That likely means that the mirror you are connecting to does not yet have the packages (still -300, and you can't install the same kernel a second time). You can try..

sudo dnf clean all && sudo dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing update kernel*

or just wait a couple of hours.

Is "This update has been submitted for testing by jcline" different from pushed to testing? Anyway, I think there is a bug with the package app since it shows an old 4.16.2 kernel, not even 4.16.6.-300


works for me.