works well for me - no issues noted.

Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse

works well.

BZ#1612870 thunderbird-60.0 is available

works for me.

this kernel build seems to work fine (just like 4.18.5-300.fc29 on my F28 before). No regression noted. Passed default kernel regression test.


works for me!


wow, someone's kernel regression test karma is counted. how did you do that?

everything seems to work fine on my T440s here - no regression noted. Passed default regression test.


works for me - no regression noted.

sorry guys, I left my previous comment and karma too early. I am still experiencing higher than usual CPU load caused by tracker-miners, and my journal is still being spammed with the same messages over and over again.

Does not fix #1601036


No log spam and no increased CPU load anymore.

This version is usable again on F28 machine

regression that was introduced in ver 2.0.5 (BZ #1601036) has not been fixed. See also

@tomporter. You are affected by the above linked linked issue. Next time, please consider providing negative karma.

you may even to consider removing this package from the repos and let users downgrade until the fix is out (bug is pretty annoying)


Plymouth does not work, cpufreq shows speed of 1.4Ghz on boot, not 3.6Ghz so I have to update manually to get back to full speed. Shutdown complains that watchdog0 could not be stopped.

this update contains a serious regression that renders tracker-miners unusable under certain circumstances:

bug report:

Work-around: dnf downgrade tracker-miners (ver 2.0.4-3 is not affected). Please push an update as soon as it becomes available upstream. Thanks!


wfm; no regression noted on mt T440s. fixes #156276. passed default kernel regression test.

Tested both calc and writer and did not notice any regression.