Would be cool to have manpage included, even if it will be autogenerated by help2man git-publish

The man page has a lot of broken links like this

doxygenfunction: Cannot find file: /builddir/build/BUILD/libcbor-0.5.0/doc/build/doxygen/xml/index.xml

Is it possible to fix that?

BZ#1474694 Review Request: libcbor - C library for parsing and generating CBOR

not all addons functional:

  • mozilla-googlesharing-0.18-12.fc26.noarch is incompatible
  • others just placed to legacy group without incompatibility notice
    • mozilla-adblockplus-2.9.1-1.fc26.noarch
    • mozilla-https-everywhere-5.2.21-1.fc26.noarch
    • mozilla-noscript-5.1.4-1.fc26.noarch
    • mozilla-requestpolicy-1.0-0.19.20171019git633302.fc26.noarch
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Test Case firefox media
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