BZ#2271287 emacs-29.3 is available

Have been using it for a week or so, seems to be working fine.

BZ#2036371 Please build cura 4.12.1 for Fedora
BZ#2039367 cura-4.13.1 is available

Working fine with English (Dvorak)

BZ#1966933 Update to 89.0
Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

The G̃ character is shown correctly in LibreOffice Writer now.

BZ#1464310 Tilded G not works with Liberation Sans and Serif
BZ#1867841 emacs-27.1 is available

Fix for CVE works on my system

BZ#1761533 sudo-1.8.28 is available
BZ#1761584 CVE-2019-14287 sudo: Privilege escalation via 'Runas' specification with 'ALL' keyword [fedora-all]
BZ#1696992 Emacs didn't work with Hunspell 1.7

Works fine for me too, no crash on exit.

BZ#1689940 [abrt] hexchat: fatal_error(): hexchat killed by SIGABRT