I can confirm issues reported above, after install on next reboot, system goes into emergency mode. Downgrading systemd* and problem disappears.

Thanks @benzea Also I have found a #1905667 too late I guess ;-)

I know this is unpushed now (or in process), to me this breaks my system, su/sudo segfaults, or other kinds of logins which load

It's segfaulting in libc ( ...__strlen_avx2... ), but I was able to use gdb to get some info and pinpoint it to and this update. To revert this I booted with rd.break remounted /sysroot (if I remember correctly, that's where rootfs is mounted) as rw and moved /lib64/security/


Didn't play it much, installed, runs (human against gnuchess engine)

BZ#1895194 knights-20.08.3 is available

Not sure about the bug it fixes, but in general everything works OK, full KDE with QT apps.

Installed on a few systems, everything works (4th, 5th and 10th gen intel with intel graphics)

Early testing, installed on two systems without a problem, all seems fine here.

Upgrade went OK (Kmail, Akgreator and Falkon work as expected I guess they all use qtwebengine)

5.17.3 worked fine after removing kcm_systemd to allow upgrade (later re-installed it (kcm_systemd) when new build was available). 5.17.4 upgraded no issues, everything seems to work fine.

Works as expected.

BZ#1629151 SSL/TLS certificate changed and is invalid

For F29 filed #1626844