nothing broken, new bug fixes ...

iwl5000-firmware used, wifi mostly works (had some issues before, but nothing is broken for me with this package)

mbriza I can check if there is a .rpmnew for config, and I used sddm-kcm (needs updating?) ( to change those settings, didn't change them manually).

I won't give +1/-1 here. This update does solve some issues, for example bug

1123506 and probably bug #1125129, it keeps last username now. I set also to

autologin, and /etc/sddm.conf has "AutoUser=fedora" (test user), but doesn't log in automatically. One thing I probably wasn't able to check, kwallet opening on login (I assume application needs to ask for it, it doesn't open if not asked? bug #1128463)

This package adds dependency for 'NetworkManager-config-connectivity-fedora' (+1) Not sure about conflicting with 'firewalld-config-standard' as autoqa complains (don't have that package installed here) (maybe not important, they just cannot be installed at the same time, different products?)


I cannot test this much, few really basic c or c++ programs compile and run (that is not a real test). Also most regular programs depending on libs provided by this base package work fine.

same problem here, broken dependencies


emacs works for me. Syntax for the service file changed (emacs-common) (not sure how to test that)

fixes bug #1146001 for me, rhythmbox is now default (thanks)