Tested in KVM on a system with a Intel Core i5-3570. Kernel regression test passes.

BZ#1955239 non-free licensed files in libtirpc
BZ#1959147 libtirpc-1.3.2 is available
BZ#1958634 Typographic error in configuration file of lohit-devanagari

Tested in a virtual machine with USB passthrough, using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

BZ#1907806 Lost audio after a logout when using pipewire-pulseaudio
BZ#1953136 there is no sound when logging in right after logout
BZ#1954504 No sound after logout/login with own userid
BZ#1957177 No pipewire audio in mate after re-login
BZ#1959568 after fast log out/in audio devices not recognized
BZ#1960890 After Logging out/crashing gnome-shell, and logging back in, sound is broken
BZ#1960954 After upgrade pipewire from 0.3.25-2.fc35 to 0.3.26-1.fc35 version all audio devices start disappeared after relogin to gnome-session