This seems to work OK on my Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 desktop.

This seems to work on my laptop.

My Nextcloud server still clouds with this update.

My chat server still chats with this update.

My chat server still chats with this update.

I was able to send this comment with the Bodhi CLI. I believe the problem might be that it only works if you were already logged in, or if you used the username flag.

@kparal - I am now convinced that this doesn't fix that BZ and wrote about it in a comment there. I'll remove it from this update and from the corresponding F29 one.

Actually, I'm gonna hold off on removing that BZ until I get more info about the problem.

Hmm, that's surprising. My first thought was to wonder if f-e-k is using the Python 2 bindings, but those are only in F29 and this is F30. @kparal, was it the same traceback as before (with the KeyError: 'anonymous')?

In any case, I'll remove that bz from this update.

Did this update drop hawkey.Repo? Bodhi's tests have started failing with the new version of hawkey:

Bodhi's docs use this to build a database schema with sqlalchemy_schemadisplay, and they appear to build correctly with this update.

BZ#1667049 Update python-alembic to 1.0.6
BZ#1669697 python-alembic-1.0.7 is available
BZ#1688046 rust-rpick-0.2.0 is available

I apologize for the rejection there. I made a config change to let this update through yesterday, but I didn't realize that the playbook that applies the config change does not restart the composer (because we don't want to restart when composes are running) and so the config change didn't get picked up by the backend.

I have now restarted the backend, so it should not block this update next time. I will submit this to stable again for you.

I installed this on my Ampache server and music still plays.