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works for me


But in various CVE's descriptions there is a misundestanding whether "< 1.1.11" or "<= 1.1.11" should be used for affected versions. It leads to a sutiation that there are already two (!) mistaken bugzilla report about this CVE, whereas the problem was actually fixed months ago...

To avoid further mistakes, I just update to the latest 1.1.20.

To trigger any bureaucracy things, I specify "security" and "high", to avoid broken assumptions that there is no proper update after the CVE report.


If you are related to, could you please build the correspond i686 package in those repo?

BZ#1745104 spirv-tools conflicts with vulkan from 7.7

Could anybody confirm that lightbird now works with seamonkey-2.49.5-2 (currently in updates-testing)?

We don't ship calendar (as a bundled extension) for Fedora. You should install it separately.

Probably the reason is you still use old version of lightning (calendar), which should be updated as well.

Works for me

Works for me

Works for me

Looks fine.

This update has been unpushed.


pyusb is already in EPEL6 now.

Please, push python-yubico to stable in EPEL6, else it stops updating other new fedorapkg stuff.

fedora-bookmarks package provides "system-bookmarks" (in F24 and before)

This update has been unpushed


Could you please explain why you do not put this to stable? The amount of time since 2011-08-13 seems enough... Maybe better to release the next versions of these packages...


Did you forget to put this update to stable?