Amazing work, Daiki!

This should be unpushed.

Looks like the new patch isn't applied because the spec does not use %autosetup or %patch.

I think the build would fail if it was applied, though, because this patch is already included in upstream 1.16.1. So I would remove the patch from the source package and just close the associated bug.

BZ#1749861 gstreamer-vaapi patch required

My only guess is that /usr/bin/bst somehow uses the version of bst I have installed with pip.

Testing this again, I get 1.4.1 (but this also matches the version of bst I currently have installed with pip, whereas I had 1.2 installed earlier...).

@bochecha I did indeed, but you can see that there is coming from /usr/bin/bst.

I have no clue what's gone wrong, but:

$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/bst
$ /usr/bin/bst --version

IMO there are too many theme changes in this update (particularly: blue radio buttons and checkbuttons) for it to be suitable for Fedora 30. I'd vote to either hold F30 to GTK 3.24.10 or else manually revert the theme changes.

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This should be fixed since Thursday. Is your runtime older than this?

Thanks. I found the problem and will try again soon.

This update has been unpushed.

atim, is your crash caused by this update? If so (e.g. the crash goes away when you downgrade) then please leave -1 karma. Otherwise, don't leave any karma.

I'll look at your bug report if you please leave a link to it. (I don't see any new ones reported today.)

Thanks for the feedback. Got a couple more patches coming.

This update has been unpushed.

(Then again, our gstreamer doesn't seem to be built against fdk-aac so it probably doesn't matter.)

This update should probably be reserved for rawhide because it contains API/ABI breaks and will probably break gst-plugins-bad, see:

This is an F29 update from eight months ago that was never even pushed to stable. It's not the cause of your problems.

This fixes but it looks like I don't have permission to edit the update for some reason....