Seems to work. I tested it especially to get the bug fix for (which is fixed by this update). Please add this bug# to the "Bugs" section of this update, too.


Thanks for the quick response. The update works and the graph issue is fixed.

BZ#1802117 Update Request: update to version 4.0.17
  • after updating to python3-botocore-1.12.101-2.fc30.noarch it is now possible to update python3-urllib3 as well
  • calling a few commands using "aws ec2" and "aws s3" doesn't show any problem
BZ#1774190 python3-botocore requires python3-urllib3 < 1.25, but latest in f30 is >1.25
BZ#1724384 anki-2.1.14 is available

The update solves the dependency bug. No problems detected in the depending anki package.

BZ#1727444 Installing python3-qt5-webengine downgrades many qt5-* packages
BZ#1724384 anki-2.1.14 is available

The update of "python-qt5" does not include the sub-package "python3-qt5-webengine" any more and is causing trouble for other packages requiring it and so also update problems on these systems. See also comment of "bluepencil" above.

Bug report:

Unfortunately, this update includes a soname change (from to This library is linked by cyrus-imapd-utils. If that package is installed, the update to the latest clamav-lib package fails:

  • package cyrus-imapd-utils-3.0.5-7.fc28.x86_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed

FlightGear can be installed with the latest set of Qt5 packages and it works in general. However, this version seems to have quite a few bugs, even with default settings. E.g. tutorials don't work properly, because the scenery is not loaded or in the default scenery there are some graphical glitches like buildings are flying in the open air... I didn't had the time to downgrade FlightGear and Qt5 to the previous versions to check whether these are regressions.

BZ#1628125 FlightGear needs rebuild for new qt5

Connections to Windows 2012 Server work again. Thanks.

I have tested the new version: in general it seems to work (after the RPM database was repaired using the steps above).

I have not tested whether an update from the former version 5.3.28-16 to 5.3.28-21 would have caused RPM database corruption in the first place.


I also stumbled over the segfault issue after updating F25: - neither "dnf" nor "rpm" were able to use the rpm database - error messages as described in: - recovery via "rpm --rebuilddb" worked


works fine and fixes bug #1295979

BZ#1295979 udev_enumerate_scan_devices() broken when used with udev_enumerate_add_match_parent()

Works for me. Fixes BZ 1161963. Thanks.