@valdikss it really needs its own bug report, have you confirmed the problem definitely goes away if you replace/downgrade only /EFI/fedora/shim.efi and /EFI/fedora/shimx64.efi with the previous shim? If you can reproduce, you should give this update thumbs down karma. Thanks.

extreme memory leak, consumes all available memory and swap

I was doing a zoom with this today, and oomd keeps killing the scope the zoom is running in. Also sounds like a memory leak as xvitaly says. Should I open a bug for this? There's only one thing to go on in the logs.

Jun 10 09:45:50 fovo.local systemd-oomd[662]: Killed /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/app.slice/app-gnome-firefox-4369.scope/4369 due to memory used (16076365824) / total (16403767296) and swap used (7871721472) / total (8589930496) being more than 90.00%

That's a metricftonne of execessive resources. Nothing is logged until the kill. If I disable oomd, it consistently siphons away enough resources to freeze the computer completely - can't get to a tty, mouse arrow frozen, doesn't recover at all for 1 minute so I forced power off.

BZ#2094319 No video playback on Firefox 101 on some sites
BZ#2094953 VA-API does not work even though it is supposed to according to update description
BZ#2095324 regression: firefox 101 breaks video on some sites

Yeah I have the same problem as @norbertj...

Updating from firefox-100.0.2-1.fc36.x86_64 to firefox-101.0-1.fc36.x86_64 broke video for some web sites. Downgrading back to firefox-100.0-2.fc36.x86_64 fixes it.

BZ#2072634 Review Request: zcfan - Zero-configuration fan daemon for ThinkPads
BZ#2066427 symlink /var/lib/rpm->/usr/lib/sysimage/rpm does not exist
BZ#2049147 ship GNOME 42.beta or 42.rc in Fedora 36 beta
BZ#2058331 Inkscape does not start in Fedora 36
BZ#2061290 Include more backgrounds for F36
Test Case Gnome Files
BZ#2057193 f36 composes still have firefox 96, f34 f35 have firefox 97
BZ#2057184 cgroupify: Error moving pid into new cgroup (11)
BZ#2059144 uresourced-0.5.1 is available

podman run hello-world works as expected

BZ#2039922 btrfs-progs-5.16.1 is available
Test Case Mount btrfs
BZ#2039922 btrfs-progs-5.16.1 is available
Test Case Mount btrfs

Breaks audio.