Even for f35, this update needs to include all dependent packages. Standalone, it should not pass.

This update has been unpushed.

BZ#1999035 pip on Fedora 33 cannot handle Python 3.10 manylinux wheels

There is no python3-dask+diagnostics in the Fedora 35 repository. Hence, users who have python3-dask+diagnostics installed on Fedora 33/34 will experience a broken upgrade to Fedora 35 if the package name is not obsoleted. Once the recent commits in python-dask actually build, the package will show up and we will remove it from fedora-obsolete-packages. If this happens before final freeze, no further action is needed. If it happens after GA, the dasks's release number needs to be bumped to at least 2.

I've added a fixed build of blender here.

BZ#1987384 blender: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f35
BZ#1997840 F36FailsToInstall: blender

I've just realized after this update was created that it depends on FEDORA-2021-d35656e3d5. If anybody pushes this via releng ticket, make sure to include both.

Fixes rawhide mock.

What's up with this update? Is it going it, or is it going out?

Karming down to possibly unpush.

@andersblomdell How do I reproduce?

Provides ...-turtle and requires pyproject-rpm-macros.

BZ#1952565 Add %py_provides for optional stdlib modules