This breaks the upgrade path to rawhide (F32), for python2-setuptools.


I was able to update the package in mock. Shell started fine and basic 1 minute testing shows no regression.

BZ#1742354 ipython-7.8.0 is available
$ repoquery --releasever=30 --repo={fedora,updates{,-testing}} --whatrequires python2-fedmsg-meta-fedora-infrastructure

Removing python2 subpackages in a released Fedora version is IMHO not a good idea.

The package name is now python3--lfpy. Also, no upgrade path from python3-LFPy.

The package name is now python3--lfpy. Also, no upgrade path from python3-LFPy.

This was now pushed before FEDORA-2019-8a1a071360 and the dependencies are broken in stable :(


This finally has looping DynamicBuildRequires and the SELinux thing is solved as well. Thank You.

BZ#1740421 selinux is preventing mock-1.4.17-1 from executing RPM scriptlets

The other update was pushed.

All my relevant packages now fail to build in F29 with nothing provides libnghttp2 >= 1.39.2 needed by nodejs-1:10.16.3-1.fc29.x86_64 this seems to be needed as well FEDORA-2019-8a437d5c2f

importlib_metadata is not available in epel7 at all, either package it, ro don't update to this version.

The Fedora 32 key is invalid. See #1743422

Poetry indeed can be launched and new project can be created. Thanks for packaging this. BTW I haven't fetched python3-clikit (seems not to be needed).

The Python 3.6 problem is not mock's fault and is tracked in - but the selinux problem is a thing.

Figured it out. Before, gocryptfs cryptdir mountpoint fails with: fuse.NewServer failed: exec: "/bin/fusermount": stat /bin/fusermount: no such file or directory. Now it doesn't. The changelog entry can be fixed with next update.