This update has been unpushed.

I've done a buildroot override to actually test things. Koshcei reveals that python-tox-current-env is broken now because it doesn't use %pyproject_buildrequires. I guess that is fine and I'll fix it, but technically speaking, people cannot use %pyproject_wheel without %pyproject_buildrequires any more (or manually specifying them). I'll make sure to adapt the README to make it more obvious.

All good.

BZ#1810846 python-keyring-21.3.0 is available

This update has to go to stable after FEDORA-2020-d808fdd597

I've disabled automatic push to stable after time or karma. We cen enable it back once FEDORA-2020-d808fdd597 is in there.


I've verified that both and are there and work.

pdfarranger works fine

BZ#1854361 python-pikepdf-1.17.1 is available
BZ#1858131 python-pikepdf-1.17.2 is available

14 days of usage and all is good, I run some basic Bugzilla integartion scripts almost daily.


I'm using this micro version for 22 days and all is good.

BZ#1823042 micro-2.0.4 is available
BZ#1849132 micro-2.0.6 is available

dnf works fine

BZ#1857900 gpgme-1.14.0 is available

Basic testing with tox on my projects work.

BZ#1851008 distutils module: sysconfig.get_config_var('LIBPL') returns non existing directory

Fixes the middle click copy and paste \o/ Thanks.

BZ#1823042 micro-2.0.4 is available

It does BuildRequire qt5-qtbase-private-devel, so hopefully all is good now. Thanks!

No harm done, thanks for adding it. Do you keep a static list?

My package python-pyqtchart was not rebuilt for this upgrade and hence now fails to install :(