Works fine.


Fixes the SSL errors on my side. Thanks for the update. Overall works and was able to game tonight thanks to the update :-)

BZ#1698681 mumble SSL errors.

Works good. System restart went smoothly, bootup had no problems.

BZ#1361689 glibc: pldd does not work

Update looks good, Eclipse installs, and Eclipse CDT testing passes. Thanks.

BZ#1692089 cannot install Eclipse (conflict between modular and nonmodular packages)

We should push to batched to avoid update churn.

@proski I never saw any /sbin/sln issues during my upgrade, and no scriptlets in glibc use sln. We removed /sbin/sln on Jan 2018 (commit d8e1573f9c8c28f6390791c329512045f0c52868). Which means that no F29 release (branched 2018-02-20) has ever has /sbin/sln. I believe you have a unique configuration issue with your install that is triggering the use of sln and is not related to this update.


Verified that LANG=ja_JP date -s 2019-05-01 +%EY shows REIWA ERA e.g. 令和元年. Looks good to me.

BZ#1696390 glibc: The Japanese Era name will be changed on May 1, 2019 [f29]

Installs fine. Reboot fine. All functionality working.

BZ#1652228 glibc: Do not use parallel make for building locales

Update installs, and reboot succeeds without problem. Bug 1657395 is fixed: [carlos@localhost ~]$ ./test free(): double free detected in tcache 2 Aborted (core dumped) The new glibc detects the double free.

BZ#1647395 glibc: the execution continued with double free in the program

Tested glibc-2.28-23.fc29, installs fine, system is functional.

Test for #1647395 works now:

Pass: malloc success
Info: ptr2 = ptr1
free(): double free detected in tcache 2
Aborted (core dumped)

New glibc detects double free in tcache.

BZ#1647395 glibc: the execution continued with double free in the program

Upgrades without problems. Passes smoke tests. System boots with new glibc.


Can correctly enter and exit mock chroot without selinux plugin warnings (bug 1312820).

Can correctly rebuild glibc for x86.

BZ#1312820 Lots of WARNING: unable to delete selinux filesystems

Works great. Lets me process the super long lines in the glibc.spec file.

BZ#1303034 rpm macro expansion works incorrectly when looping over a long list using lua

I've asked cks by email to help us triage what's going on with his Firefox builds.


Works before and after reboot and passes the CVE-2015-7547 regression testsuite.

BZ#1276112 glibc: malloc arena free list can become cyclic
BZ#1308943 CVE-2015-7547 glibc: getaddrinfo stack-based buffer overflow [fedora-all]

This update has been unpushed