fixes ssh xauth hang

BZ#1782442 Please enable the --enable-pinentry-tty option to build a pinentry-tty package

Fixes BZ 1906353

BZ#1906353 fetchmail permissions break fetchmail on encfs
BZ#1716671 Most ksudoku games fail with "Unable to generate a puzzle of the chosen variant; please try another."

Client and server work as expected in local testing.

BZ#1312870 openssh-7.2p1 is available

I reported this problem upstream as well

This update contains a backward incompatible change. The slogin symlink to ssh is gone, because the upstream Makefile neglects to create it, same as it neglects to create the slogin.1 man page. This is new in 7.2p1, but it's not mentioned in the upstream release notes either. Installing this package potentially breaks lots and lots of aliases, shell scripts, and GUI keyboard shortcuts.


i915 video problem solved. WFM

BZ#1298309 kernel 4.3.3-300 broken video on i915

This release is still a regression from 0.10.0 which disallows to update, so I wonder why this is deemed stable. Shouldn't the bug be fixed first?

I was sure I replied to rdieter's question here, too, but I must have screwed up. I wrote a detailed reply to the question in the BZ:

I spoke too soon. There's a bug in this version in that it stores Window IDs in plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc, rather than application names. For details see my latest entry in BZ 1282417.

BZ#1282417 plasma system tray settings dialog broken

Works fine for me, BZ 1282417 is fixed, apparently. FWIW, I can't reproduce the digital clock problem reported by markuss.

BZ#1282417 plasma system tray settings dialog broken

@anonymous, so why does it reproducibly work correctly with sddm-0.10.0, just (differently) incorrectly with 0.12.0 and 0.13.0? It's as if the configured Xsetup file is ignored.

Ok, no more negative karma, but the problem reported in BZ 1282046 persists, even with 0.13.0-3.


Thanks for the update but it only works marginally better. Screen 2 is now fully graphical (nor more boot screen residue), but it's invariably just a copy of screen 1, with dialog- and mouse-sharing.

BZ#1282046 sddm 0.12.0 breaks multimonitor layout

Works fine for me

BZ#1278407 Display backlight shuts off with kernel 4.2.5