BZ#2257443 Missing dependency on 'python36-zipp'

I'm a little late to the party, but this release regressed concurrent subprocess invocations reading stdout due to:

Looks like there's already a fix coming in 3.11.2, but it would be great if we could get a fix into Fedora 37 sooner than that.

On AlmaLinux 8, during both update and clean install, I see:

Warning: file /etc/mock/epel-8-x86_64.cfg does not exist.
         unable to update /etc/mock/default.cfg

The default.cfg symlink is dead:

$ mock --init
ERROR: Could not find required config file: /etc/mock/default.cfg
ERROR:   Did you forget to specify the chroot to use with '-r'?
ERROR:   If you're trying to specify a path, include the .cfg extension, e.g. -r ./target.cfg

In addition to the issues described in FEDORA-2021-a7d4aaa6fe, this update breaks the symlink from default.cfg to now-removed epel-8-x86_64.cfg. That even prevents the new alternatives message from being displayed, and just boots you out with "Could not find required config file".

Installs and imports as expected, Thanks!

BZ#1986080 Please build python-flask-cors for EPEL 8

Downstream builds are green. Thanks!

BZ#1918070 Please build irrlicht for EPEL 8

Thanks! Installs as expected.

BZ#1908934 Please build libaesgm for EPEL 8

Tool installs and works as expected. Thanks!

BZ#1908936 Please build uncrustify for EPEL 8

Package works, downstream builds are passing. Thanks!

BZ#1908935 Please build bullet for EPEL 8

This update has been unpushed.

Thanks, this looks good!

BZ#1748819 python36-qt5-base cannot be installed since RHEL 7.7

Update includes correct development dependency.


Tested building a package against this, bug is resolved. Thanks!

BZ#1666857 python36-devel does not require python3-rpm-macros

Both Python 3.4 and 3.6 install as expected and can be used when running nose

I didn't know that macro was supported on EL7, but looks like it is indeed defined in /etc/rpm/macros.python. I'll update the package. Thanks!

Manually verified functionality of:

  • rosinstall_generator
  • wstool
  • rosdep
  • catkin_lint - Note that the default rosdep is python3 but the default catkin_lint is python2. This typically induces a pickle error (fixed upstream, should be in the next release). Using matching python versions explicitly works.
  • catkin

We have some decent karma on this update, and the new update is only a firmware bugfix release, so I'm not inclined to delay this one any longer. I'll make another release. This one is ready to go, though.

This update has been unpushed.

/usr/bin/rosdep in python-rosdep is intended for python3-rosdep, so python-rosdep is broken without python3-rosdep


Looks good :)