BZ#1834130 F32FailsToInstall: ursa-major, ursa-major-stage

It does work with the rpkg-1.54-2 here. You might consider combining the packages in an update or putting a dep in fedpkg for that version or higher?

Currently, it's already >= 1.54. But, >= 1.54-2 is what will be done. Thanks for your suggestion.

Sorry for inconvenience to everyone. A new rpkg build 1.54-2 pushed been in Bodhi updates now. Please have a try with that new build. Thank you.

@rdieter Hi, please have a try with these new builds.

@lslebodn Please try again with fedpkg-1.30-3 which was updated after your build.

@pbrobinson I just tried fedpkg from Fedora 27 updates-testing, I can do an anonymous clone, scratch-build, sources and new-sources. Which version of fedpkg installed in your Fedora 27 machine? I found old fedpkg-1.30-1 was available in updates-testing, but new build fedpkg-1.30-2 is available now. Can you try again? Thank you.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

@ sgallagh Hi, can you run it again with -v -d and what is the output? Thanks.


This anongiturl with git+ works in Koji for submitting build from a anonymous clone, e.g.

The submitted scmurl is not allowed

From which service, Koji or MBS, this error is reported?

@mprahl What is the error when submit a module build?

@goldmann as we discussed, rhpkg should be overridden to meet internal infra for building containers, and there is already a patch to fix that issue in rhpkg.