Works fine in my system.

Works great on my machine. LGTM.

BZ#1591531 python-requests-2.19.1 is available
BZ#1643830 CVE-2018-18074 python-requests: Redirect from HTTPS to HTTP does not remove Authorization header [fedora-all]

Tests are running and pass.

Hence the reason I have it here for testing for as long as possible and I also have a buildroot override active currently in F28. So far the issues that emerged have been fixed, and if those are the only things that break with 1.7, I intend to release it for F28 final.

Is the issue considered fixed?

This seems weird. Maybe a bug in bodhi? Since the update has been unpushed, the build should be able to be added to another update.

Updated build which includes pip and setuptools.

This update has been unpushed.

Added a new build which should resolve the test issue.

Installed from koji and tested it. Virtual provides are correct now and the the module is imported successfully with python2.

BZ#1399150 python-httplib2: Missing "python2-<module>" provides
BZ#1267403 python-httplib2-0.10.2 is available
BZ#1460051 nss-3.31 is available

Changing my feedback since I tested the previous version. Installed *-1.1 from koji and it works fine.

BZ#1460051 nss-3.31 is available

With that update the 'fedpkg new-sources' hangs indefinitely. Downgrading makes it work again.

BZ#1460051 nss-3.31 is available

Tested on a F25 VM, where I installed all the devassistant packages and then upgraded to F26 with the updates-testing repo enabled. The system got updated with no issues. Also shouldn't this be proposed as a freeze exception in order to make it to the final F26 compose?

BZ#1463408 Obsolete devassistant
BZ#1455585 Push devassistant update to support Python 3.6 on fedora 26

Tested in F26 mock, the python2 and python3 modules are imported successfully in the respective interpreter versions.

BZ#1454789 Update of python-tinyrpc

(installed the builds through koji since the update is still on pending status).

Tested in F26 mock, the python2 and python3 modules are imported successfully in the respective interpreter versions.

BZ#1424711 python-eventlet-0.21.0 is available

Python shell works fine and the system is stable. No regressions noted.


Installed the package with no issues.

'python36' invokes the Python 3.6.0 shell and no issues seemed to arise by using it.

Good catch besser82. The issue is actually where upstream bumped the magic number, something that is not supposed to happen between minor releases. The fedora package issue is being worked on currently in order to keep the same magic number.

abrt, firewalld etc issues originate from that