I am stuck at the same place in the deployment. I am using 2.2.16 fc35 build of vagrant, but still here:

==> rawhide_selinux: Creating shared folders metadata...
==> rawhide_selinux: Starting domain.
==> rawhide_selinux: Waiting for domain to get an IP address...
==> rawhide_selinux: Waiting for SSH to become available...

If I move to another terminal, I can find it running, but not set up with SSH

davdunc@davdunc-xps Jenkins]$ virsh list 
 Id   Name                          State
 4    fedora-test_rawhide_selinux   running

[davdunc@davdunc-xps Jenkins]$ virsh console 4 
Connected to domain 'fedora-test_rawhide_selinux'
Escape character is ^] (Ctrl + ])

fedora login: fedora

$ vagrant ssh The provider for this Vagrant-managed machine is reporting that it is not yet ready for SSH. Depending on your provider this can carry different meanings. Make sure your machine is created and running and try again. Additionally, check the output of vagrant status to verify that the machine is in the state that you expect. If you continue to get this error message, please view the documentation for the provider you're using. ```

BZ#2060045 Issues with networking in the latest Rawhide Vagrant (libvirt) boxes
BZ#2032211 Branch and build php-pecl-imagick in epel9
BZ#2032210 Branch and build php-libvirt in epel9

installed - no conflicts.

Installed from epel-testing repo and verified as functional on RHEL 8. Installed on EC2 instance with hibernation option set to true. rebooted and verified that process ids were consistent before and after. Note that the instance will have a different public IP address on start.

BZ#1872427 Review Request: ec2-hibinit-agent - support for hibernation for Amazon ec2
BZ#1889598 python-boto3-1.16.0 is available
BZ#1889599 python-botocore-1.19.0 is available

installed, no issues experienced

Installed cleanly; aws cli functional.

BZ#1774190 python3-botocore requires python3-urllib3 < 1.25, but latest in f30 is >1.25

Kernel Regression test case passed. Tested on t3.small instance type. Performance tests passed.


Working with VPCs where IPv4 and IPv6 are enabled. Working with VPCs where IPv4 only in enabled.