LGTM. New features work as expected, bugs are fixed, no regressions encountered.

This breaks multiple packages on ppc64le and s390x, which should not be OK in released branches (as is pushing beta releases, usually). Please coordinate this change with owners of dependent packages.

These packages are dynamically linked against libluajit and will be broken by this change:

  • efl
  • powdertoy
  • sysbench

Fixes temporary FTBFS issue with bindgen 0.59, thanks!


Fixes temporary FTBFS issue with bindgen 0.59, thanks!

This update broke multiple games, for example Spider with three suits or audience with the king are no longer playable.

Causes new FTI / FTBFS issues for the following packages:

  • rust-askalono
  • rust-assert_cmd
  • rust-async-compression
  • rust-below-store
  • rust-devicemapper
  • rust-devicemapper-sys
  • rust-os_str_bytes
  • rust-skim
  • rust-wasmtime-cache

This update broke builds of 100% of Rust packages in rawhide, because it was not submitted together with rust-srpm-macros 19. Please fix ASAP.

The update to os_str_bytes 5.0.0 also introduces a broken dependency on uniquote ^3.0.0.

The update to assert_cmd 2.0.2 introduces several broken dependencies:

  • predicates/color ^2
  • yansi/default ^0.5
  • concolor-control/std ^0.0.7

The update to os_str_bytes 5.0.0 does too:

  • print_bytes/default ^0.5

This does not "fix" #1999599 because it does not update rust-system-deps to version 6.0.0.

Arguably, system-deps should not have been updated to version 3.2.0 for Fedora 34 at all, since it will break the whole gtk-rs 0.10 stack there.

Well, if it's only a missing test, could you waive that one and push the update to testing again?

Looks like one of the required OpenQA gating tests is missing - can this be waived somehow?

Works fine. Default and performance regression tests also pass on all my systems:

  • Ryzen 5800X on ASUS ROG X570-E with NVidia GTX 1070 running RPMFusion drivers
  • dell XPS 13 9370 (Intel Core i7 8550U / UHD Graphics 620)

Looks good to me. LLVM / Clang / Mesa all work without problems on both real hardware and in VMs. Thanks for the LLVM 13 final update!

Is this a release or another snapshot build? The update message claims it's a tagged release, the version string implies it's a post-release snapshot ...

Looks like bodhi did not close the linked bugs successfully, but only created a comment instead?