Works great (ryzen, gtx1070/negativo 17 drivers), regression tests pass.

Can confirm that this fixes #1570259.

The buildroot is broken again, because the override for gnutls expired yesterday, while the one for unbound was activated again.

I think you forgot to build and push a corresponding update for f29 as well - currently the f29 branch has an older package than both f28 and f30 (just f29 is missing this build). This results in a downgrade (so: broken upgrade path) when updating the system from f28 to f29.

I think you forgot to submit some updates to f29 as well, because currently the version of this package is higher on f28 than on f29.

I think you forgot to push the corresponding pipewire-0.2.3-1.fc29 update, currently f29 still has 0.2.2 (which breaks the upgrade path).

Looks good, no problems spotted (ryzen + nvidia with negativo17 drivers). Regression tests pass.

Looks good, libreoffice and minecraft continue to work.


Looks good, I can compile multiple different rust programs and crates just fine.

Test Case rust compile

Looks good, passed kernel regression test suite (ryzen + nvidia/negativo17).

Looking good (ryzen + nvidia/negativo17), regression tests passed.

Works great (ryzen1 + GTX1070/negativo17 driver). Regression test suite passed.


Works great, no errors encountered.

Test Case rust compile

Works great (ryzen + nvidia).


Update looks good, also fixes upgrade path from f28.

Epiphany works fine.


VMs continue to work without issues.

VMs continue to work fine with UEFI boot.


No issues encountered.

@mastaiza Do you have font scaling or something similar enabled on your machine? I just tested with 1024x768 resolution, and the application fits the screen nicely.