Works fine in a VM.

Works fine.

There's also funny business going on in the changelog, according to the rpmgrill test:

         "module" : "SpecFileSanity",
         "order" : 5,
         "results" : [
               "code" : "MacroSurprise",
               "context" : {
                  "excerpt" : [
                     "# Since the build is noarch, we can&#39;t use <b>%if</b>arch"
                  "lineno" : 33,
                  "path" : "meson.spec"
               "diag" : "RPM <tt>%if</tt> macro in comments; this may cause unexpected behavior"
         "run_time" : 0,
         "status" : "completed"

This update introduced a regression compared to 0.45.1. I can successfully compile gsignond git master with meson 0.45.1, but not with 0.46.0.

Build log:

The "missing" file it's complaining about is actually present.

No regressions spotted.

Looks good, minecraft still works ;)

gnome-software just segfaulted at session startup:

not sure if this was a fluke, or something more serious ...


oh, damn it, submitted this for the wrong update. sorry for the noise


gnome-shell crashed at session startup:

Works fine.

Works just fine.

Seems to work just fine.

No regressions sighted.

No regressions sighted.

Looks good, no issues.

Works fine, even with nvidia module.

Works fine, no crashes.

Works fine, no issues encountered.

No issues encountered (on real hardware and on qemu/kvm).


Works fine, all ~50 of my golang packages build without issues and/or test failures.