Works for me on regular Fedora (gnome) without crashes and remembers the last database.

The update seems functional. If the update indeed did drop the dependency on libgnome-keyring, like nonamedotc suggests, this needs to be fixed before it hits stable. Nextcloud-client is not usable without it if there is no alternative provided.


My websites still appear to work as normal.


Everything seems to work fine. Can still make new circuits and connect over Tor.


When installing langpack-nl, it installed: langpack-nl with weak dependencies: glibc-langpack-nl, hunspell-nl and hyphen-nl.

When removing langpack-nl it obviously removes langpack-nl, but only removes de dependencies hunspell-nl and hyphen-nl. glibc-langpack-nl stays installed

Test Case base update cli
BZ#1720292 thunderbird-60.7.2 is available
BZ#1722995 nss-3.44.1 is available

I got a fail on the first test, but pass on the second. FIrst test: Test suite called with default ./default/modsign PASS
./default/timer-overhead PASS
./default/memfd PASS
./default/libhugetlbfs SKIP
./default/sysfs-perms PASS
./default/posix_timers PASS
./default/mq-memory-corruption PASS
./default/insert_leap_second PASS
./default/cachedrop PASS
./default/selinux-dac-controls PASS
./default/paxtest FAIL
./default/stack-randomness PASS

Test suite complete FAIL

BZ#1715984 keepassxc-2.4.2 is available
User Icon device commented & provided feedback on php-7.3.6-1.fc30 a year ago

My websites with php continue to work after the upgrade.