Fixes the related bug, everything works as expected but log gets the occasional line of:

cockpit-tls: gnutls_handshake failed: A TLS fatal alert has been received. This is apparently from the self-signed certificate being used on my test setup and the browser refusing to continue with the request when it sees a self-signed certificate.

Meant to add that gnome-session-c can now map /dev/nvidiactl, allowing the system to boot properly.

SELinux Troubleshooter no longer complains about AVC denials with libvirt NSS plugin


Package upgrades cleanly over a copt-build 1.6. Running /upgrade inside the client works without issues and the 1.7.1 is loaded after the upgrade finishes.

BZ#1444881 CVE-2017-8073 weechat: Buffer overflow in the irc_ctcp_dcc_filename_without_quotes function [fedora-all]
BZ#1413366 weechat-1.7.1 is available