No regressions here; using a BT mouse (Logi MX Master 3) and A2DP headset (Pixel Buds Pro).


No apparent issues on a Framework 11th gen Intel laptop.


Works here: Framework laptop, Tiger Lake i5-1135G (Iris Xe Graphics)

LGTM here. On my GNOME/Wayland/gpaste (with extension) desktop, the lack of clearing of the clipboard was already present in 2.7.4 and based on memory (never tested) in quite a few previous versions too.

LGTM on a Framework laptop with i5-1135G7 CPU, connected to a Thunderbolt 4 dock with external monitor+audio and keyboard.

Doesn't seem to break anything, and seems to fix the quick sound access output selection:

Just for posterity at this point, but: retracting my previous comment re:

It did appear fixed when the sink other than the laptop speakers was a BT (A2DP) headset. But when connected to a HDMI monitor with sound output, the quick output menu still disappears. So fix not in fedora yet, I guess.

Works here. Seems to fix the issue with disappearing sound output quick selection: even though, as far as I can tell, the source changes: don't include this change. Am I missing something from the changes?

Seems to break the sound chooser in the system menu:


No new regressions, but BZ#2050036 is not fixed.

BZ#2050036 Framework laptop: 5.16.5 breaks s2idle sleep

Sorry to be a party pooper here, but I've hit a pretty nasty sleep regression:

S3 sleep as a workaround has its own issues on this laptop.

There's also an apparent (so far temporary/insantaneous) display glitch but hard to quantify.


LGTM, thanks for the fix!

BZ#2019970 Bluetooth mouse (Logitech) takes ~30 seconds to start working after boot or resume

Causes a couple of strange regressions:

Firefox on Wayland: Clicking on url bar, backspacing over part of it then pasting (e.g. a url parameter) freezes firefox, requires kill to exit. Slack flatpak: Unresponsive to quitting via ctrl-Q, requires kill or flatpak kill

Both of these issues consistently disappear after distro-sync back to 3.38.5-1.


Had to distro-sync back, same problem as FEDORA-2021-99f48ecd5d

Getting GNOME Software crashes here too. abrt won't complete the report, claims not enough info in stacktrace/coredump.

BZ#1941337 anacron does not run if battery-backed HID devices are connected

No regressions on ThinkPad T14 (AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U) under GNOME/Wayland.

No regressions, BT mouse works correctly again.

BZ#1897038 bluetooth mouse loses pairing after reboot or suspend

BT mouse issue is that pairing is lost on every suspend/resume or reboot. Tracked at rhbz 1897038.